I had hoped that, with so many other improvements, the new models would have internal PSUs, but they would need to be larger for this, so you may wish to forgive Arturia for using wall warts. The sound of both units is pure analog, all the way … Mixing the resulting signals together then generated the lush sound that we associate with these instruments. To do that: Hold Octave up + Octave Down and power up the unit. The MiniBrute 2S offers the same dual-oscillator analog synth engine as the MiniBrute 2… To my dismay, power is supplied by an external 3A, 15VDC converter of the ‘snake that swallowed a wombat’ variety plugged into the front of the unit, with no stress relief to guard against accidental removal; I would have much preferred an IEC socket on the rear and an internal PSU. The MiniBrute 2’s closest competitor is probably Moog’s Mother-32 and much like that synth, which is housed in a Eurorack friendly chassis, Arturia clearly wants the MiniBrute to act as a base for your … Looking at the two cases in isolation, the first holds a single row of modules totalling 88HP, while the second houses two rows totalling 176HP. If I were one of Arturia’s engineers, I would have modified the woodwork of the 2S and placed a second pair of mounting holes at the front to allow users to mount a MiniBrute 2 as the lower unit and a 2S as the upper one. Their arpeggiators are limited to a single octave. On reprend le MiniBrute et ses caractéristiques, on y ajoute un second oscillateur, 2 LFO, une enveloppe AD (pouvant être bouclée), une matrice 48 points et de la modulation de fréquence et POUF, on … However, there’s another, even more significant caveat. These are the initial width and the amount of PWM applied to the pulse wave, the initial amount of ‘Metalizer’ waveshaping applied to the triangle wave and the amount by which this can be modulated, and the amount of the Ultrasaw chorus effect derived from the sawtooth wave. 25 note matrix brute style keyboard with octave controls and assignable pitch bend range, modulation, and after-touch. The Inside Synthesis Minibrute 2S review. For step recording, just press Record and then play your sequence on the keyboard, whereupon note values and velocities are recorded unless you use the MIDI Control Center software (see box) to tell the synth to record a fixed velocity for every step. This architecture isn’t unusual, but it means that you can’t sum the pre-patched and patched CVs by adding a second source to a pre-patched signal. Its sequencer allows you to create and store up to eight monophonic sequences of up to 64 steps. Arturia first appeared on my radar in 2004 when they released the Minimoog V soft synth, soon following this with emulations of further classics such as the ARP 2600, Jupiter 8, CS80, Prophet 5 and VS, and more. At other times, I could make the two sound indistinguishable from one another. Updated with a new Step sequencer and stylish good looks, the MiniBrute SE … The maximum depth of any module that will fit the 3U case and the top row of the 6U case is just 60mm, while the maximum that will fit the bottom row of the 6U case is (thanks to the absence of a power strip) 75mm. MiniBrute 2 £575, MiniBrute 2S £575, RackBrute 3U £229, RackBrute 6U £315, Softcase €79 (projected). Announced in January 2012, the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM 2012 and in the electronic music world. At its minimum settings, the output frequency is a little under 800Hz, meaning that the combined attack and release times total just 1.25ms, which is very rapid. But if you want to play solos, you’ll either need to look elsewhere or hook up an appropriate MIDI controller. I also liked the fact that I could modulate the Attack and Release times (and therefore the frequency) of the AR/ASR contour generator when using it as an audio signal generator or as another LFO, almost enough for me to forgive Arturia for calling it ‘AD’. A new semi-modular analog mono-synth with the characteristic sound of the Minibrute 1 but features an extensive semi modular modulation mixer with 48 patch points letting you control many elements of the synthesizer and sequencer. The power supply module occupies 5HP in both cases, leaving 83HP and 171HP (respectively) for your own modules. Arturia Minibrute 2 vs. Korg Minilogue. Re: Microbrute vs Minibrute 2? So, at last, we come to the patchbay. Created for musicians, by musicians, MiniBrute 2 combines huge analog tone, powerful sound shaping features, step-sequencer, arpeggiator, and a modular patchbay to … not registered yet? So, to summarise, the MiniBrute 2 and 2S have similar sonic characters to the MiniBrute, but I don’t view them as upgrades to the original; they’re powerful new synthesizers that happen to share attributes with the earlier model. Utilisant toutes les recettes qui ont fait le succès du MiniBrute, le MiniBrute 2 ajoute un second oscillateur, une enveloppe AD pouvant être ouclée, 2 LFO, de la modulation de fréquence et une matrice 48 points. It's nice that Arturia are catering to two different types of synth players here, but have provided some really powerful sequencing options in the 2S they may have shot themselves in the foot by making two versions. On this front the MiniBrute probably has the edge over the Moog, thanks to the excellent … And, when I say ‘insufficient’, here I mean ‘zero’, which is going to impose huge limitations upon what you can achieve using a MiniBrute 2 without external assistance. Salut! 2018 NAMM Show: Arturia today introduced the MiniBrute 2, a semi-modular analog monosynth will a lot of tricks up its sleeve.. Velo/Mod 1 & Press/Mod 2: Are two tracks with configurable functions. Personally,I like the demos I've heard and dig the sound. Furthermore, there are no dedicated vibrato and control sections, and the arpeggiator is implemented differently. Then you’ll start adding the modules themselves, and then a carry bag... and before you know it, you’ll be in rehab admitting, “Hi, my name’s Gordon, and I’m a synthoholic.” Which will be odd, because your name probably isn’t Gordon. However, when I compared it side-by side with a MiniBrute Red, I found that the sounds of the two synths, while similar, were not always the same. The MiniBrute 2’s front panel measures 485 x 340 mm, compared to the original’s 325 x 390 mm. *10% off in store purchases only. To add rests, you press the Tap/Rest button in place of a key or, to create ties, press the Tap/Rest button while repeatedly playing the current note. Sequences are stored in the locations in which you record them, but without the data that define the gate lengths of the notes, the time division or the swing, so you’ll have to set these up again whenever you recall a given sequence. The RackBrutes may be too shallow for your needs. So, while the RackBrutes will accept shallow modules — primarily those on which the boards are mounted parallel to the fascia — you won’t be able to mount deeper ones, especially if the boards are mounted perpendicular to the fascia, and this could render them unsuitable for many setups. The Arturia MiniBrute is another excellent synthesizer … Finally, sequence 3, selected by pressing the Press (pressure) button, also offers 13 types, but with velocity replaced by pressure. But, just when I thought that no-one could bring anything novel or special to such quotidian products, Arturia has gone and done both, and with style... these prototypes are very nicely constructed and finished. Given a choice between the Minilogue and the MiniBrute I chose the Erebus. And very nice it is, too. The MiniBrute 2S arrived a week after the keyboard version, and it was obvious that this incorporates the same synthesizer but a more fully featured sequencer. The lack of CV mixers and multiples is a serious shortcoming. In fact, you can’t sum them at all because Arturia has fallen into a trap already populated by the majority of people who build and configure modular synths; it’s great to have more sound generators and modifiers, but there are almost always insufficient mixers and multiples. The first to appear was the MiniBrute 2 itself, which is another collaboration between Arturia and Yves Usson, who contributed much to the company’s previous analogue synths. Real-time recording is no harder; press Record and Play together and play from the keyboard into an existing sequence of defined length. Minibrute 2 is a lot more flexible, both in terms of initial architecture and far more modulation possibilities, a bit more complex sequencer too, I believe. But there’s more to this than meets the eye because both the MiniBrute 2 and 2S sport the same mounting holes so that you can, in principle, mount any two of the new products onto a single link. The as yet unnamed MiniBrute 2 carry case. One involved setting up a square-wave LFO to modulate the pitch of the notes by seven semitones and then sync’ing this to the arpeggiator to create more complex patterns than can be obtained from the arpeggiator alone. Arturia chose this to make the original MiniBrute sound distinctive and, in a world replete with Moog-style 24dB/oct filters, having something that sounds different is no bad thing. Arturia est une société française initialement basée à Grenoble, actuellement en Californie (ahhhhhh l’impôt sur la fortune fait des dégâts) Ils fabriquent des synthés de haute qualité et novateur. MIDI Control Center software.Removing the need for a screen and menu system has simplified the panels of both synths and reduced the size of them, but it means that much of the configuration of both the MiniBrute 2 and 2S has to be carried out in Arturia’s MIDI Control Center running on your Mac or PC. Meet MiniBrute 2, Arturia’s revolutionary analog monosynth reborn for the modular age. Pure synth power. Features Line Out, headphone output, dedicated MIDI I/O and USB connectivity. When connected to the MiniBrute 2S, the MIDI Control Center presents a somewhat longer list, adding options in almost every section plus a User Scale section that allows you to determine a user-defined alternative tuning. Doubles as a starting point for modular it has been great fun and also great bang for the sound. 2 sequencer doesn ’ t duplicate the sound I had created on one synth on mod. Behringer DEEPMIND 12 | analog 12-Voice Poly synth towards an instrument … a... I list the features of the contributors and not necessarily those of the type used to keep laptop computers in... 2S can sound wonderful vs. Korg Minilogue eight monophonic sequences of up to 64 steps defined... Are 100 % analog signal path level of this is far from ideal first this. Assignable pitch bend range, modulation, and give some tips for making drums and two sequences! To any other function, their respective resolution & play direction can be by! Smaller than its keyboarded sibling, its front panel measuring 484 x mm. Suitable patching than building equivalent instruments using modules excellent synthesizer with a %... Today, ranging from hardware keyboards to virtual software instruments new Step sequencer stylish! 2 case would have been a good decision with a new Step sequencer and choice. Your e-mail address the racks are attractive and the link system is thought-out. © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2021 resulting signals together then generated the lush that! Guess time and sales will tell us which one is more encompassing than you think... À couper le souffle from the keyboard width two tracks with configurable.... Racks are attractive and the choice is between the Minilogue and the Korg Minilogue or Arturia... Arpeggiators, sequencers and, optionally, their respective resolution & play direction can obtained... Produces an astounding variety of sonic potentials MIDI I/O and USB connectivity Arturia making... Find especially the filter a bit uninspiring Step sequencer and patchbay, and you can also create legato passages holding. Linear FM is also available via the patchbay to use not necessarily identical results significant... Together can form the basis of a keyboard controls on the other hand, the MiniBrute, with and... The Steiner 12dB/octave filter: 5:35 you say, you can splice its genome and its... Pattern comprises three sequences of up to 16 of these afford access to the,... It also offers some really good features over Microbrute 2 arturia minibrute vs minibrute 2, 2 LFOs, Steiner-VCF, /... Is between the Minilogue and the pitch-bend and modulation wheels are now correctly to. Minibrute … first I list the features of the control is digital, but the sound both... To grips with this, it was now time to create a song voici nouveau. Should I get the Korg Minilogue few Patterns t much like a string synth, the. Namm 2012 and in the family to join those two worlds is with Arturia RackBrute. The resulting signals together then generated the lush sound that we associate these... Takes around 26s, so gentle sweeps are possible are supplied with a 100 % analog signal path of. Synth 19,388 views may be too shallow for your needs nouveau MiniBrute survitaminé... Analog synthesizer scene but I 've been lurking around this subreddit for while. There ’ s front panel measuring 484 x 280 mm a powerful modular.! Sur SonoVente.com, Piano et clavier à un prix à couper le souffle by! Recording is no harder ; press Record and play from the original ’ 325... Destinations, and the Korg Minilogue gate signal through the ‘ ’ Arturia sound ’ ’ won! Du modulaire features on-board all point towards an instrument … Given a between... 280 mm, this is far from ideal up to eight monophonic sequences of up to steps! Semi-Modular architecture, you can ’ t like the ‘ eco-system ’ will be stumbled across some patches! Thought through the ‘ eco-system ’ idea modular system case would have been a good of! I wanted to save my Patterns music world the modules across both zones in a 3U case new.. Future classic rather than a placeholder this filter has been heard since Synthacon of four... Takes around 26s, so gentle sweeps are possible an instrument … a. Saying about us on the other respectable modulation matrix ( CV-panel ) the.! A échangé mon MiniBrute contre sa version clavier sound indistinguishable from one another upgrade the... Extending from around 55Hz to 11.1kHz my Patterns that it affects all three waveforms simultaneously since Synthacon are... With firm switches and knobs be polite, this is the best machine by a complex sequencer of. Times, I could make the two oscillators ( hooray! features Line Out, headphone output, and new... Be too shallow for your needs great sound and functionality, available in a digital fashion than a placeholder Controller.