Related Posts. - New event portal in Arcadia! Items. a guest . Note that you cannot use two weapons both with health regen or you get none. You can follow this page to be notified when it's updated. Nov 7th, 2017. or. Swordburst 2 Wiki is a group on Roblox owned by Justin9000 with 217 members. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? _____ The Swordburst 2 Wiki is the best place to find information on anything related to Swordburst 2. Welcome to a fan-made Swordburst 2 Wiki! Skill Floor Interior June 26, 2018. Random. Never . Va rok swordburst 2 wiki fandom mortis the flaming sear swordburst 2 wiki fandom va rok swordburst 2 wiki fandom gargoyle reaper swordburst 2 wiki fandom. 1 Overview 1.1 Auras 2 Item Guides 3 Items In Swordburst 2, there are 4 different main weapon types, some being variants of one another. The drop rate for this item is 1%. About See All. Join me as I fight my … Skill Floor Interior October 19, 2018. This group will act and function as a guild. Meet the #swordburst2 development team! 26 - 36 5 Lv. Locations. 1,148 people follow this. Auras are equipable sword items, obtainable through aura chests, Burst Store, and trading. !Hit that LIKE button if you want more ROBLOX! 8 min ago, C++ | Check out Swordburst 2. New script roblox swordburst 2freetp unlimited all and more! var datalayer= { The Breeze is a rare level 72 longsword, dropped from the Sky Ravens in Blooming Plateau. Swordburst 2. 6 min ago, Lua | Not a member of Pastebin yet? Create New Account. It’s one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox. Blooming Plateau Swordburst 2 Wiki Fandom Roblox Swordburst 2 How To Get The Floor 8 Mini Boss You Roblox Swordburst 2 How To Solo Kill The Floor 8 Mini Boss You READ 2017 Mazda Cx 5 Interior Specs. Understand that this is a community market, and almost, if not all, SB2 members will use this page. Swordburst 2 level script! UPDATES: New event skill dropped by Evergreen Sentinels. Alpha players will keep all boost purchases and get a gift. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. raw download clone embed print report. 13,887 . View SwordBurst 2 Gui2.txt from COMPUTER S 712 at Information Technology University of the Punjab, Lahore. Swordburst 2 ขายของ แลกของ has 1,551 members. :DTwiistedPandora Fan Group: Crew Fan Group: Shirt: Pants:\\\\ Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: Stay Snazzy, Twisties! Defeat bosses to unlock new areas to explore! z_imtr: '%%VIEW_URL_UNESC%%' Note that a lot of Shields have been buffed with their defense. Swordburst 2. Va' Rok is the most recent floor of Swordburst 2. This page is not for that purpose. Not Now. - Fararwarll Infortality. This page was last updated on 21 January 2021, 13:58:50 UTC. text 2.67 KB . Explore a vast RPG world, defeating enemies and collecting rare items. Popular Pages. It has a 12% critical chance and deals 740 damage. Navigation. Never . When upgraded to +15, it does 1,184 damage; in addition, it also has a 2% stamina regeneration buff. 1,099 people like this. raw download clone embed print report--[[ Entire script was created by ClassyInori#5056. Swordburst 2 GUI. These swords are most favored by people giving a boost in all stats except def. Market. Popular Pages. Welcome to Swordburst 2! Swordburst 2 is a sequel to Swordburst Online by AbstractAlex.Swordburst is a RPG fantasy game based off of Sword Art Online. Drops. Blooming Plateau Swordburst 2 Wiki Fandom Roblox Swordburst 2 How To Get The Floor 8 Boss You Swordburst 2 Farming Floor 8 Boss Mini With … New weapons will be added here. Create New Account. raw download clone embed print report-- Objects local SBO2Gui ="ScreenGui", game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui) local Main ="Frame") local Header ="Frame") local Hexus ="TextLabel") … Welcome to Swordburst 2! Whats people lookup in this blog: Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . is the number one paste tool since 2002. Swordburst 2 f10 f9 f8 auto farm bosses. - Varrsion: 2.82 - Instancars: local ScrararnGui = Verified Guilds. Swordburst 2 ru запись закреплена. Jan 9th, 2019. 10 - 15 2 Lv. Enemy Respawn Time Health Exp Vel Drops Firefly: 35s 12,000 87 30 - 135 Gloom Shroom: 35s 17,500 95 35 - 150 Horned Sailfin Iguana: 35s 19,000 105 30 - 150 Contact SwordBurst 2 on Messenger. Join me as I fight my way through the BLOOMING PLATEAU! Floor 8 has been RELEASED for Swordburst 2!! Most players dual wield these swords to make a strong attack, speed, and regen. Log In. Games/Toys. Forgot account? Staff. Auras. These weapon types have different attack styles and ranges, varying on each weapon. You'll find useful info on armor, weapons and enemies here. The Breeze is a returning item from the game Swordburst Online. ~ Mar 27th, 2018. Many weapons are also outdated on prices, we will adjust the ranges once we have solid information. Log In. Defeat bosses to unlock new areas to explore! is the number one paste tool since 2002. z_cltr: '%%CLICK_URL_UNESC%%', or. Page Transparency See More. Thank you for reading and, hopefully, understanding. Check out Swordburst 2 [SWORDBURST 2]. Rules. Swordburst 2. Most people think that this is the best armor in the game, but there is an argument since some people believe the Druid's Cloak is better. 509 Pages. 1 hour ago, We use cookies for various purposes including analytics. A cool flowery map with TELEPORTERS, new mobs, new bosses to face! UPDATES: New event skill dropped by Evergreen Sentinels.